Association Anywhere AMS


Association Anywhere is Web-based association management software (AMS) used by leading associations to streamline operations, enhance member service and enable constant innovation. Integrated with your organization’s Website and back-office applications, Association Anywhere aggregates and manages membership, financial and operational information in a single, secure database.

Meeting the Demands of Association Managers

To meet your organization’s specific needs, Association Anywhere offers a suite of tightly integrated software modules – each providing a range of task-specific functionality for managing members, marketing, events, finances, publications, continuing education, and reporting. Association Anywhere also offers an extensive array of self-service and e-commerce modules, enabling dynamic interactions between your organization and its members, customers and affiliates.

Deployment Options: Hosted-Cloud Service or Locally-Installed System

When it comes to licensing and accessing Association Anywhere, ACGI provides two options:

  • Association Anywhere Software-as-a-service (SaaS) – fully supported hosted service licensed for a fixed monthly fee. Learn more
  • Traditional enterprise software license for client premise-based installation. Contact Sales for details

Platform for Innovation

Association Anywhere is built on an enterprise Internet-based platform that enables constant innovation. Much more than a membership database, Association Anywhere provides industrial strength integration and process automation capabilities. Using XML Web services and well-defined APIs, the functionality of Association Anywhere can be integrated with back-office and Web applications, corporate and third-party Web sites, portals, content management systems and more.