Association Anywhere AMS

Association Anywhere AMS from ACGI

Association Anywhere is Web-based association management software (AMS) used by leading associations and association management companies to streamline operations, enhance member service and enable constant innovation. Integrated with your organization’s Web, back-office and mobile applications, Association Anywhere aggregates and manages membership, financial and operational information in a single, secure database.


  • Capable – extensive set of over 40 association management software modules
  • Extensible – readily integrated with Web, back-office and mobile applications
  • Intuitive – easy-to-use Web and mobile interfaces
  • Convenient – enables anywhere, anytime operations for your staff and members
  • Scalable – handles unlimited number of members and transactions
  • Reliable – proven performance and security

Meeting the Demands of Association Managers

To meet your organization’s specific needs, Association Anywhere offers a suite of tightly integrated software modules for managing all typical association functions. Providing task-specific functionality, these include apps for managing members, marketing, events, finances, publications, continuing education, and reporting.

Association Anywhere also offers an extensive collection of self-service and e-commerce modules. Integrated with your website, these enable dynamic interactions between your organization and its members, customers and affiliates.

Association Management Software Licensing Options: Hosted Cloud-Based Service or Locally Installed Application

When it comes to licensing and operating Association Anywhere, ACGI provides two options:

  • Association Anywhere as a service – fully supported cloud-based software, licensed for a fixed monthly fee. Learn more
  • Traditional enterprise (premise-based) software license model. Contact sales for details

Platform for Innovation

Built on a 100% Web-based technology platform, Association Anywhere is much more than a membership database – it is association management software with industrial strength integration and process automation capabilities. Using XML Web services and well-defined APIs, Association Anywhere is readily integrated with back-office, Web and mobile applications, corporate and third-party websites, portals, content management systems and virtually any other system your association may rely on today or need as it evolves tomorrow.

Professional Services and Support for Your Association’s Needs

From membership database conversion and system configuration to integration with your website and financial software, every association’s needs are unique. To ensure we will effectively address all of your association’s requirements, ACGI Software professional services consultants lead each deployment of Association Anywhere. Your satisfaction with Association Anywhere is further ensured through hands-on training courses, our Maryland-based support team, and the service level agreements (SLAs) we maintain with all clients using our hosted systems.

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  • Centralized customer database
  • Flexible data model
  • Multi-layered security model: user, data, application
  • Modular architecture
  • Open integration framework
  • Platform independent
  • Industry standard technologies

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