For Industry Consultants

As an industry consultant, your work can be challenging dealing with various types of client organizations – associations, credentialing bodies, AMCs and other industry constituents. Providing the services your clients demand are many – technical evaluations, requirements gathering and RFPs, contract negotiation, technology selection, and project management. The industry looks to you and your firm to help guide them to making the right decisions. At the same time, you need to understand the most current technologies, best practices, and the health of the vendors you bring into view of your clients.

ACGI Software is proud to have maintained stellar relationships with not only its customers, but also industry consultants – the people who are helping to shape the future for their clients and the industry as a whole. Keeping a good reputation in the industry comes down to a few important factors for ACGI – trust, reliability and responsiveness. It’s why ACGI rarely loses its customers. We believe in partnerships with our customers and being transparent. When mistakes are made, it means owning up and making things right. It means not putting our customers at risk with the decisions we make.

As an industry consultant, you’re building a great business one client at a time. Doesn’t it make sense to talk to vendors like ACGI who have the same values?