Bostrom Case StudyServing More Clients, More Effectively, with Less Cost and Effort

Association Anywhere® gives association management companies the means to efficiently and effectively configure and manage the day-to-day operations of their client associations. Offered as a hosted cloud-based service, Association Anywhere lets association management professionals focus on delivering the specific services needed by their clients, with minimal IT overhead. The result: happier clients and better operating results.

Why AMCs Chose Association Anywhere

Cost Savings. Association Anywhere is an enterprise-class application delivered as a cloud service. In addition to eliminating the cost of infrastructure, software licenses and annual maintenance, Association Anywhere creates additional savings by streamlining the time and effort needed for deploying new clients. With a multi-tenant architecture that scales with your growing business, a single Association Anywhere database supports many virtual databases, so you can add new clients without compromising performance, data integrity or security.

Proven Security. ACGI’s Advanced Security Management (ASM) is unique in the AMS industry. It provides database and configuration multi-tenancy. This results in unmatched levels of data and operational security, ensuring system performance and availability, and the integrity and privacy of your client associations’ data.

More Configurable. With multi-tenancy, business rules and user experience are centrally configured, letting you custom tailor Association Anywhere functionality for each client. This makes Association Anywhere especially useful for AMCs pursuing aggressive growth strategies or those with a diverse mix of client organizations, including:
• Professional Societies
• Trade Associations
• Chambers of Commerce
• Unions
• Other Membership Organizations (consortiums, religious organizations, etc.)

More Adaptable. Association Anywhere is readily integrated with your clients’ existing back-office and Web applications. This allows clients to maintain their best-of-breed services, while enhancing other aspects of member and organizational management.

More Deployment Options. You can custom tailor each instance of Association Anywhere according to each client association’s need. ACGI offers a suite of 40 + association management applications for managing events, certification and learning, e-marketing, fundraising, reporting and business intelligence, e-commerce, submissions and other functions.

Streamline Association Web Development. Association Anywhere self-service components are readily integrated with all leading Web content management systems (CMSs) and hand-coded websites. This gives you tremendous flexibility for site development and meeting client requirements. For AMCs with limited Web capabilities, ACGI offers CMS Anywhere, a Drupal-based content management system tightly integrated with Association Anywhere.

Enable Effective Social Networking (Online Communities). Delivering private social networks or online communities for your client associations with Association Anywhere is easily enabled using best-of-breed solutions from ACGI partners, including Higher Logic and Socious. AMCs with in-house Web teams can also use ACGI’s Community Anywhere platform, based on Drupal, to deliver this functionality.

ACGI Software Helps Grow Your AMC

ACGI Software will help you enhance your AMC’s service options and quality, boost efficiency and lower costs. As our customer, your AMC gets:

• A trusted technology partner
• Training (train the trainer and all other Association Anywhere training)
• Expert consulting, integration and support services
• Help selling your services and growing your client portfolio